Sub51 has introduced an an updated version of Drop Pad, an instrument in collaboration with Soundtrax, tailored specifically for loop manipulation.

Drop Pad Rhythm Edition comes with a brand new content library. Existing Drop Pad users will also find the additional features from Drop Pad RE included in the standard version of Drop Pad (excluding loop library content) in a future update.

Drop Pad RE comes a with a huge library of original drum and percussion loops, arpeggios and toppers, SFX, motion and arp that can be combined in any permutation within Drop Pad’s RE’s four-layer interface complete with level morphing, modulatable filters and modulatable effects. Now there’s simply no excuse for putting up with static-sounding rhythms. The tempo of loops can be varied over a wide range and the user can also drag and drop their own loops directly into the interface with automatic tempo-matching to the host DAW or to Kontakt stand-alone.

New features include a new Play/Stop button (accessible from all windows) for auditioning loops and it is now possible to further modulate the path of the morph cursor using further Volume Warp functions, which open up new possibilities for modifying rhythms.

In addition Drop Pad Rhythmic Edition comes with 128 snapshots and 235 WAV samples. Furthermore, Komplete Kontrol is supported via selected pre-defined parameters.

Drop Pad Rhythm Edition is available to purchase at a reduced price of £27.97 GBP until January 4th, 2023 (regular £39.97 GBP). It requires the full version of Kontakt or higher.

More information: Sub51