Sub51 has announced the release of an update to the Drop Pad sample-based Kontakt instrument in collaboration with Soundtrax.

Version 2.0 adds new features to further enhance the creative possibilities of the 4-layer, sample-based instrument featuring a 900MB sample library, an additional 123MB of waveform samples, and support for drag and drop import of custom user samples.

Kontakt’s new MIR technology automatically detects tonal material during import and adjusts the pitch of the audio file accordingly. The intuitive interface, which is based on four straightforward pages, then allows for the dynamic blending and modulation of the four sound sources to create multi-layered, complex sounds that morph and evolve in an organic way. Loops can be locked to the DAW tempo or replayed at the original speed.

The Edit page now contains a new sample ‘Reverse’ playback option for each sample pad while the sample Solo feature has been improved as well as now being available in the MOD and FX Pages. New ‘MOD Preset’ and ‘FX Preset’ panels have also been added to allow users to quickly store and switch between nine different mod and FX setups.

Additionally there are two new ‘Left-Right’ modes available from the ‘MOD’ and ‘FX Warp Shape’ dropdown menu. Finally a new global Hi, Mid and Lo EQ plus an additional, smooth sounding ‘Drive’ mode have been added to the ‘FX’ page.

Drop Pad 2.0 for Kontakt v6.7.1 or higher (full version) is on sale at ADSR Sounds for the intro price of $27.72 USD until July 8th, 2022 (regular $39.60 USD). The update is free to existing users of the original Drop Pad.

More information: ADSR Sounds