Version 1.6.2 of the Surge synthesizer instrument for Windows, Mac and Linux is now available.

The update includes alternate tunings, expanded .wav file support and waveTable oscillator improvements, and more.

Surge is an Open Source Digital Synthesizer, originally written and sold as a commercial product by @kurasu/Claes Johanson at vember audio. In September of 2018, Claes released a partially completed version of Surge 1.6 under GPL3, and a group of developers have been improving it since.

Changes in Surge v1.6.2

  • Alternate Tunings.
  • Greatly expanded .wav file support and WaveTable Oscillator improvements.
  • Important Linux Changes.
  • Audio and Patch Creation Changes.
  • Oscillator and LFO Displays.
  • The SurgeEffectsBank plugin.
  • New and Reorganized Content.
  • Bug Fixes, Host and DAW changes.
  • Other UI Changes.
  • Other behavior changes.
  • Code Cleanup.

Surge is available as open source software, with binaries available in VST/AU/LV2 plugin formats.

More information: Surge