Surround SFX Transistor Rhythm

Surround SFX has released Transistor Rhythm, a sample library for Native Instruments Maschine, Battery and EXS-24.

Welcome to Transistor Rhythm, a premium, 24bit/96kHz Sample-Library for the Maschine, Battery 3 and EXS-24 platforms, created with achieving the highest possible quality in mind, both in terms of audio quality and in terms of real-world usability and cross-genre coolness. Maximum oooomph, megatons of groove, zero crap….you get the idea. I If you haven’t already, grab the three Transistor Free Kits taken from the Library to judge for yourself how close it comes to that goal.

Transistor Rhythm features

  • 800 Drums & SFX samples.
  • 50 Kits for Maschine, with 4 patterns each for a total of 200 unique rhythms.
  • 50 Battery 3 Kits using the same samples as their Maschine counterparts, but adapted to the different synthesis options found in Battery 3.
  • For the EXS-24, the samples come in banks according to the sample type, so you’ll find, for example, a bank of Analog Claps, a bank of Vinyl Snares etc.
  • All recording and processing was done at 192kHz sampling rate, and sampled down to 24/96 for the final product in a mastering studio with individual SRC and Dither parameters per sample.
  • Sounds created using both vintage and modern gear by Elysia, RockRuepel, Neve, Siemens/Telefunken, Manley, Universal Audio, UREI, United Minorities, Avalon, Moog, Oberheim, Doepfer, Pearl, Roland, EMU, AKAI, Symbolic Sound, Hartmann, Korg, WMD, JoMoX, Cylonix, Millennia and many others.

Transistor Rhythm is available to purchase for 59 EUR including VAT. Owners of the NI Transistor Punch Maschine Expansion can x-grade with 20% discount. A collection of 3 kits from Transistor Rhythm is available as a free download.

Visit Surround SFX for more information.