At the NAMM Show, Black BT has showcased the first pedal that can sense your foot position to automatically and seamlessly switch between a footswitch (eg. sustain/note trigger) and continuous control modes (eg. expression/cutoff).

In live performances, the SusEx Pedal eliminates the need for multiple pedals on stage and creates a natural way to creatively “play” multiple pedal parameters without stomping switches or moving back and forth between multiple single-parameter pedals.

AR Rahman, an early adopter, feels the SusEx Pedal has inspired him to play even more intuitively. “I immediately fell in love with this break-through technology. When I first tried the SusEx, it was clear it would be part of my regular set-up.”

In setups with only the MOD wheel as a continuous controller, the SusEx Pedal frees both hands for a truly polyphonic performance. It works wirelessly via BLE MIDI (Bluetooth Low Energy) and can also be simultaneously used as a wired sustain pedal thru a mono quarter inch to work with a second keyboard instrument.

SusEx packs a lot of power and control into a portable form factor that complements your keyboard or DAW based music production setup. It can connect to any keyboard workstation with only USB MIDI via the Black BT HubBLE App (iOS / Android) that makes any such setup BLE MIDI enabled with up to two pedal connectivity.

“When we first introduced the pedal at last year’s NAMM, we received great feedback from musicians and producers that led to further refinements like positional memory, when the pedal remembers where you left off the continuous control before you switched to footswitch mode, and the ability to connect directly to non BLE MIDI keyboards,” says Satish Chakravarthy, a Berklee-educated professional composer and CEO of Black BT.

“The SusEx pedal enables keyboardists, MIDI guitar players as well as beat makers to really express their musicality in an easier, more natural way.”

The SusEx Pedal is available to pre-order for $149.99 USD.

More information: Black BT