Synchro Art has announced an update to its Revoice Pro 4 flagship pitch and timing toolbox for Windows and Mac.

Version 4.2 comes with numerous new features and enhancements including Automatic Scale Detection, further Warp / Pitch Editing improvements and Formant Shifting. In addition, Revoice Pro’s internal signal processing is now performed using 32 or 64-bit float values.

Used worldwide by top music producers and audio professionals, Revoice Pro 4 features our industry standard audio alignment technology, an extensive suite of pitch adjustment tools and a premium doubler which combine to create a vocal, instrument and dialogue editing powerhouse.

With Revoice Pro, we offer a solution which delivers premium audio quality while being fast and easy to use, saving you hours of tedious editing time, ensuring the highest possible production values and helping to achieve your creative vision.

Changes in Revoice Pro v4.2

  • Automatic Scale Detection: The Warp function menu now includes the option to ‘Detect Scale’. When applied, Revoice Pro 4 will analyse the selected audio, determine the musical scale and corrected notes can be snapped to the corresponding pitches.
  • Warp Improvements: Editing tools and the context menu have been streamlined to speed up workflow e.g. the part of note used to calculate the average pitch can be adjusted for better results.
  • Formant Shifting: With Revoice Pro 4.2 it’s now possible to shift the formants of a performance to change its timbre or colour without affecting the pitch or timing.
  • Other Changes Include: Internal signal processing is now performed using 32 or 64-bit float values, Revoice Plug-ins will support audio with levels greater than 0dB (If supported by the DAW) and ARA is now faster with larger sessions.

Existing Revoice Pro 4 owners can download 4.2 now for free.

Until 18th November, Revoice Pro 4.2 and upgrades are up up to 40% off regular from Synchro Arts and distributors Plugin Boutique and PluginFox.