With video and film production seeing meteoric growth, music is in high demand but for video content producers with limited time and budgets, hiring a composer is rarely an option. Stock music is often seen as the last resort by filmmakers and for composers, there is still a stigma from the bad old days of poor quality library music.

Syncly intends to change all this by offering high-quality music via patented tech that allows the filmmaker to easily customize or “score” stock music to their pictures.

The idea came about from CEO Luke Gordon’s experience as a media composer.

“Working for directors and editors, I would be asked to make simple changes to music such as removing the guitar or drums. A very simple task became a long-winded back and forth so I thought we should put a tool in the filmmakers’ hands to give them control – most times, they know best.”

Filmmakers can download customized mixes of Syncly tracks from their website or, use plugins that integrate directly with video editing software to control the score directly to their pictures.

“We want to build a creative hub to make talented composers’ music available and customisable for filmmakers – at scale.”

“Filmmaking is about telling stories and music plays a big role in that process. It just seems crazy to us at Syncly, that directors and editors have fine control over nearly every aspect of filmmaking except music, which is this fixed medium that is difficult to edit and near impossible the editor to adjust in any subtle way.”

Syncly Music is an off-shoot of Score Addiction who have already built an accomplished library boasting syncs with Top Gear, Marvel and Huawei.

Syncly is now commissioning high quality music in a range of styles. If you are a composer who would like to contribute to Syncly’s rapidly growing catalogue, send links to examples of your original music to hello@synclymusic.com. Details of the offer upon request.