Synful Orchestra

Synful has released version 2.5 beta of Synful Orchestra, a virtual orchestra instrument featuring Synful’s Reconstructive Phrase Modeling (RPM) technology.

Version 2.5 beta introduces a new instrument, the French Horn.

The new French Horn is the first fully expressive instrument to use our 2nd generation RPM Synful synthesis engine. The new French horn does not use Delay for Expression. Everything you play live is the final product. It is based on new 24 bit recordings which have been translated to a new generation additive synthesis format.

Changes in Synful Orchestra v2.5 beta

  • French Horn, the first fully expressive instrument to use the new synthesis engine.
  • Uses all new sample recordings.
  • Continuous control of timbre from darkest to most brassy.
  • Natural phrasing using only note-on/note-off and velocity.
  • No Delay for Expression for the new French Horn.
  • Dynamic gliss and rip effects with complete control of gliss rate.
  • Open sound, two different mutes, stopped sound.
  • Continuous Wah control for mute and stopped sounds.
  • Continuous Trill control.
  • MIDI “All Notes off Message” now works.
  • Fixed bug causing Synful Orchestra to crash under Windows Finale.
  • Fixed problem with Authorization panel not appearing on some Windows machines.

Synful Orchestra is available for Windows and Mac for $479 USD / 348 EUR (ex VAT).

Visit Synful for more information.