Synmergic has released of beta version of Loop Editor, a VST plug-in that focuses on creating and editing musical patterns online.

Synmergic Loop Editor

Your on going music project remains private, having its own tempo, VST instruments and FX…, in other words having its own unique musical character, while at the same time everything you do in this plugin is by principle public. The plugin connects directly to the synmergic server where the musical patterns exist and allows you to edit them as part of your project by joining the available creative sessions. Changes made to these patterns are directly reflected to anyone who uses them in his own project.

Each creative session comprises audio events which form the musical pattern. The patterns are edited in common by the participants of the corresponding creative session. Although the musical patterns are shared among various projects, this plugin is not about sharing static audio loops or bits of music, but instead it is about interaction and joining the creative process of others.

Synmeric Loop Editor features

  • Audio is generated by a linear FM synthesizer enhanced with real time audio input and noise features.
  • Each event has its own FM parameters and a dedicated envelop so that the synmergic VST plug-in comprises a versatile tool for creating audio loops.
  • Each participant of a creative session can add or delete events and change any parameter of an existing one. The changes are automatically updated for the rest of the participants.
  • The various projects connected to the available creative sessions form a network of on-going musical creations.
  • Multiple instances of the plug-in can be loaded at the same time and each one of them can join a different creative session.
  • Create sets of up to 16 snapshots and activate them on the fly while you are playing back your project.

Synmergic Loop Editor is available as a freeware VST plug-in for Windows PC (requires Pluggo Runtime, Microsoft .NET v3 and Java runtime/JRE).

More information: Synmergic