Synth Blade has announced the release of a brand new soundset featuring 60 high-quality presets for Diva virtual analog synthesizer from u-he.

Geared towards Ambient, Downtempo, Electronica and modern Soundtracks, Eclipse is centered around sounds with depth and detail which can help you make your tracks sound bigger and more atmospheric.

Apart from various types of atmospheric pads, there are also several plucks and keys that can sound warm and smooth or bright and present, leads with more distinctive or aggressive timbres, big powerful bass plucks and drones and synths with complex rhythmic modulations included in ECLIPSE.

Similar to the MONOLITH pack these patches also have many intentional imperfections like detuned oscillators, pitch wobbling, detuned and slightly offset delays, filter distortion, added noise and more. These tweaks add a subtly nostalgic retro character to the presets while still sounding timeless.

The soundset is on sale for the intro price of 19.20 EUR for a limited time (regular 24 EUR).

More information: Synth Blade