Synth Magic has launched a virtual instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt, featuring the sounds of the Sequential Circuits Prophet VS digital synthesizer.

1.6GB of wav samples compressed using NI’s compression and lots of presets included to get you started on your sonic experiments with Vector X.

The Prophet VS is a vector synthesiser and uses samples of waveforms as it’s osc’s – These are then routed through traditional analogue filters etc.

The sound of a VS is different from the usual analogue polysynths of that era and is used by lots of film score composers.

Vector X features

  • Includes the VS choir and Filmscore sounds, gritty synth sounds, smooth organs, 5th stacks, analogue waveforms, abstract tones etc, all easily auditioned using the vector x waveform browser.
  • Easy to use interface which allows for quick and easy access to all waveforms, an arpeggiator, full effects section, mono modes and full modulation section with lots of controls for expression and controlling lfo’s with aftertouch etc.
  • Two vector layers with vector blend control and new custom sample select system.
  • Includes lots of presets.
  • Small memory foot print (direct streaming).

Vector X for Kontakt is available to purchase for the introductory price of £20 GBP (regular £29.95 GBP).

More information: Synth Magic