Synthblitz Audio has released Nitroflex, a virtual synthesizer instrument geared towards house music and studio recording​.

NITROFLEX VST contains 200 presets like house music. Presets can be edited and saved in bank o single programs.

This synth is created with passion for electronic music.

Synthblitz Nitroflex

Synthblitz Nitroflex synthesizer VST instrument plugin for Windows.

Nitroflex features

  • 4 wavetable oscillators, with 195 waves each.
  • 2 filters serial or parallel mode.
  • 2 modulation envelope, 1 amp envelope.
  • LFO (selectable).
  • FM section for 2 oscillators.
  • Unison mode up to 112 voices.
  • Additional soft PWM (to enrich harmonics).
  • Reverber, chorus, phaser, distortion, echo.
  • 16 step gate-sequencer.
  • Active tone control (bass, mid, treble).
  • OUT section for “position” track and wide stereo.
  • Special multi-function and multi-information display.
  • 8 selectable screens.
  • Includes 200 selectable programs.

Nitroflex for Windows (VST) is avaialble to purchase for 29 EUR.

More information: Synthblitz Audio