Synthogy has announced that all of its Ivory II virtual piano products are now available both as boxed products and via digital delivery.

Synthogy Ivory II

Authorized music products resellers may order Synthogy products through ILIO’s Skuport digital delivery system. ILIO is Synthogy’s exclusive North American distributor.

When a customer orders the download version of any Ivory II virtual piano product from an authorized reseller, the reseller may place a custom purchase order at When the order is placed Skuport automatically processes the purchase order and sends download links and serial codes directly to the customer through the reseller’s email account. This method protects the reseller’s relationship with their customer while providing the quickest, most reliable method of digital delivery in the industry.

Synthogy products available for download include:

  • Ivory II-Grand Pianos, a collection of three classic grand pianos including the Bosendorfer(R) Imperial Grand, German Steinway(R) D Concert Grand and Yamaha(R) C7 Grand.
  • Ivory II-American Concert D, featuring a famous New York Steinway D selected by Steinway for artist promotion and concert hall specification.
  • Ivory II-Italian Grand, the 10 foot concert grand used by music’s most influential artists.
  • Ivory II-Upright Pianos, a collection of four hand-selected upright pianos including a new Yamaha U5, a 1914 A.M. Hume vintage upright, a honky tonk barroom piano, and a real tack piano, all suitable for modern rock, retro and vintage music.

All Synthogy products come with the Ivory II piano engine, which features their exclusive Harmonic Resonance Modeling, half pedaling, lid position control, adjustable pedal noise, tuning tables, parametric EQ, lush reverb, a synth layer, plus many other features. The products may be used as plug-ins in a digital audio workstation or stand-alone.

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