Synthogy Ivorty II Bundle

Time+Space has announced the release of the Ivory II Bundle, a limited time offer from Synthogy which combines versatile and magnificent sounding pianos at £50 off.

Ivory II is the worldwide industry standard virtual piano collection delivering a level of realism that is unsurpassed with an interface and features that are flexible and easy to use.

This bundle combines one world-class Italian concert grand and the most complete, authentic collection of upright pianos on the market. Together, these magnificent instruments span the widest conceivable range of pianistic possibilities.

In the words of Sound on Sound magazine “There´s little else to say. Just go and play it…”

The Synthogy Ivory II Bundle is available to purchase for £279 GBP / 322 EUR until 31st December (regular £329 GBP / 379 EUR).

More information: Synthogy