System 6 Samples releases Jackin House Bass Grooves, a collection of loops and samples for house and tech basslines.

System 6 Samples Jackin House Bass Grooves

Jackin House Bass delivers over 600mb of world class bass loops ready to fatten up any track within the House/Deep/Techy/Jackin realms. Inside the collection you will find four different bass loop folders. Deep Loops, Funky Loops, Subby Loops and Techy Loops. There is a bass loop for every style of Jackin House and all processed through Top End Processors and offered in the industry standard 24 bit wav loops. Also included is twenty rough and ready multi sampled bass’s and a collection of Dark Bass one shots, this pack has everything you need to construct your own killer bass loops.

Inspired by labels like Skint, Cheap Thrills, Dirty Bird and many others, System 6 Samples has faithfully created a large selection of ‘Burn Out The Box’ low frequency sonic ammunition ready to add weight to your Jackin Productions.

The sample pack is available for purchase for £16.95 GBP.

More information: System 6 Samples / Jackin House Bass Grooves