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Devious Machines Texture sample import

Devious Machines updates Texture plugin with custom sample import + 40% OFF Sale

Devious Machines has released an update to its Texture plugin which lets you enhance, shape and transform your sounds with over 340 inspirational textures. Version...
Devious Machines Texture 38 OFF sale

Devious Machines Texture multi-fx plugin on sale for $59 USD

Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on the Texture effect plugin by Devious Machines, offering a 38% discount for a limited time as part...
Devious Machines Texture

Devious Machines Texture multi-effect/synth plugin on sale for $59 USD!

Devious Machines has launched a Black Friday sale on the Texture plugin, an effect that features over 340 texture to enhance, shape and transform...
Devious Machines Texture modulation

Devious Machines releases Texture effects processor with the heart of a synth

Devious Machines has launched Texture, a new plugin that is part FX processor and part synth, allowing you to enhance, shape or completely transform...

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