Devious Machines has introduced an update to its acclaimed multi-effect plugin for Windows and Mac. Infiltrator 2 features more effect, presets and modulation power.

Combine up to 10 effects from the 54 world-class modules. Modulate key parameters using powerful multi-segment envelopes. Control the entire ensemble using the onboard sequencer and assignable macros. Build your own effect chains, or draw from the vast library of over 1500 mind-blowing presets.

Whether it’s conventional effects or reality-bending sonic madness, Infiltrator puts it all at your fingertips.

Changes in Infiltrator 2

  • Infiltrator 2 includes 1,500 presets, many of which show off the new effect modules..
  • Additional modulation routing options. The audio envelope follower knob can now be switched to a second envelope mode and may also be routed to a number of modulation destinations, including effect mix..
  • New effects: Reverse, Varispeed, Slowdown, Time-stretch, Vocoder, Void, Reflect, Compressor, Gate, Dual Filter, Formant Filter B Mode, MIDI CC output..
  • New FFT based effects: Shift, Twist, Mirror, Bandpass, Stretch, Scatter, Cascade, Smear, Reverb, Compress, Corrupt, Lofi, Spread..
  • Search for presets by name in the preset browser.
  • Latency compensation modes to prevent unnecessary playback glitches when switching presets..
  • Improved effect visualizers.
  • New effect drag behaviors so you can drag an effect and insert it between two others instead of it always replacing the effect.
  • Double click resets curve shape.
  • New random lines mode in the curve randomizer.

Available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats, Infiltrator 2 is on sale at Plugin Boutique for £74.99 GBP instead of £99.99 GBP until October 25th, 2022. The update is free for owners of the original Infiltrator.

More information: Devious Machines