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reFX Artist Series Steve Aoki for Nexus2

reFX releases Artist Series: Steve Aoki for Nexus2

reFX has announced the release of Artist Series: Steve Aoki, a new Nexus2 expansion pack by Steve Aoki. This man needs no introduction: STEVE AOKI is...

reFX releases Deep House & Artist Series – Klaas for Nexus2 + Christmas Sale

reFX has announced the release of Deep House and Artist Series - Klaas, two new Nexus2 expansion packs. Laid-back, minimal beats, deep basslines, chilling nature...

ADSR Sounds intros Shocking Techniques With Klaas

ADSR Sounds has released Shocking Techniques With Klaas, a video tutorial by Klaas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyd95IhKMLk ‘Shocking Techniques With Klaas’ is a compilation of 12 training videos from...

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