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Reflekt Audio GameX

Free GameX virtual instrument delivers 85 game type one shot sounds

Reflekt Audio has announced the release of a new free virtual instrument. Inspired by the Game Boy Pockets and Game Boy Color, the GameX...
Reflekt Audio Mouthin Off

Reflekt Audio offers free beat box virtual instrument with Mouthin’ Off

Reflekt Audio has announced the release of its virtual instrument Mouthin' Off, featuring a collection of royalty free beat box sounds for your productions.The...
Reflekt Audio OU 80

Get 100+ drum sounds with free OU-80 plugin by Reflekt Audio

Reflekt Audio has announced the release of OU-80, a free drum instrument plugin featuring over 100 knocking drum sounds.The OU-80 is a hard hitting...
Relekt Audio Playtime

Reflekt Audio releases Playtime free plugin with toy instruments

Reflekt Audio has released Playtime, an instrument plugin featuring the sounds of a sampled toy banjo, toy keyboard, toy drums and a toy ukulele.Playtime...
Reflekt Audio Organix

Reflekt Audio releases OrganiX virtual instrument plugin (VST/AU)

Reflekt Audio has announced the release of its new and realistic sounding tool OrganiX, an instrument plugin featuring 5 unique real world instruments: Dulcimer,...
Reflekt Audio Xonex

Reflekt Audio releases Xonex virtual instrument plugin (VST/AU)

Reflekt Audio has launched its Xonex virtual instrument, featuring a collection of plucks, strings, guitars, leads, pads and more.The plugin comes with various onboard...
Reflect Audio Player Man 3000

Reflekt Audio releases Player Man 3000 percussive acoustic guitar instrument

Reflekt Audio has released Player Man 3000, an instrument plugin that covers the percussive side of the acoustic guitar.The instrument includes organic sounding acoustic...

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