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AfroDJRack Easy Sub Bass Ableton Live Pack + 2 Minute Ableton Tip: Sidechain Compression

AfroDJMac has released Easy Sub Bass, a free Live Rack designed to easily add sub bass to any synthesizer in Ableton Live. Sub bass is...
AfroDJMac Resampling Study

AfroDJMac Resampling Study in Ableton Live – Make the most of what you have

Sonic Scoop has published A Study in Resampling: Part 1, an article by AfroDJMac. As part of my column on SonicScoop.com, “Sound Smack with AfroDJMac,”...

AfroDJMac releases free Paul Stretch Rack for Ableton Live

AfroDJMac has announced the Paul Stretch Rack, a new release in a series of free Ableton Live Racks. This week’s Free Weekly Ableton Live Rack...

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