Taleweaver Ancient Crushed Cymbals

Taleweaver Orchestra has announced the release of Ancient Crushed Cymbals, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Ancient Crushed Cymbals is a library that contains everything, every single sound we could get out of our special cymbals. Some of them are broken or ruptured which gives the library a very unique touch. These cymbals are breathing living creatures as you can hear when they roar, whisper and scream.

You need some fresh bowed cymbals for you next horror soundtrack or some natural sounding bronze rides and crashed for you upcoming jazz album? Maybe you are going to make an orchestral piece with wide gongs or swells or even a heavy rock track? This library will fit your needs.

Ancient Crushed Cymbals features

  • Over 1,200 samples.
  • 6 Cymbals / 20 – 14 inches.
  • 8 articulations each: Ride, Bell, Bellping, Crash, Brushes, Gong, Swells, Bowed.
  • 5 Round-Robins except for swells & bowed.
  • 6 Velocity-Layers except for swells & bowed.
  • Highpass-Filter & Pan-Spread.
  • Perfect for all kinds of compositions like: Horror, Soundtrack, Rock etc.

The library is available for purchase at an introductory 60% discount for one week.

More information: Taleweaver