The PerforModule team (known for crafting and sharing Ableton Live racks) has launched a new online mastering service.

“Tasty Mastering” utilizes a custom analog+digital mid/side processing format to provide both “dynamic” and ‘”loud” versions of all submitted material. The philosophy behind providing bother versions is in order to bypass the conflict between modern loudness standards which call for a high dynamic range (broadcast, etc), and the desire for a competitive perceived level when presentation of material pushed louder can prove more appropriate. The two versions of tracks are applied with the same chain of parameters except for final maximization and limiting.

The Tasty Mastering processing chain includes custom mid-side analog “clarifying” and a suite of specific-function digital effects, which are only applied as needed and tailored for each job with sonically-reactive parameter automation designed by PerforModule.

Tasty Mastering service will include a form to send in your submission uploaded via file-transfer service of choice, with payment by paypal or credit card. A launch special of 50% off song masters is in effect for the first month of operation. In addition, all Tasty Mastering customers will receive a special 20% discount for use on any purchase at

PerforModule, spearheaded by composer Animus Invidious, creates audio and midi effects and instruments for Ableton Live, many of which are released for free at the PerforModule blog, and others which are available for sale via Isotonik Studios, and as featured on Ableton’s website.