Tention Digital Audio TDA MP5D

Tention Digital Audio has released TDA MP5D, a freeware Multipass Filter VST plug-in.


  • Multipass Filter for LP, HP, BP, Notch and Peaking
  • LFO for Cutoff with a max. speed of 2Hz
  • LFO for Resonance with a max. speed of 2Hz
  • Master-Section with Clipping

The LFO Depth set is calculated by the settings for Cutoff/Resonance and will have a maximum range of the value between the Cutoff/Resonance settings and the highest (if higher than 50%) or the lowest (if lower than 50%) value, so that the LFO spins around the set value for Cutoff/Resonance.

An Example: If is set a Cutoff value of 75% and the Cutoff LFO-depth is set to 100%, the LFO will spin the cutoff between 50% and 100% with the set value for LFO-speed. That means, that a set value for Cutoff/Resonance of 0% or 100% will not affect a LFO modulation.

Check TDA’s website for more information and a link to download the latest version of TDA MP5D VST.