Producertech has launched the first part of a new tutorial series designed for complete beginners to production. In Tech House Production with Loopcloud you will learn how to use the Loopcloud cloud-based sample curation and sequencing software to create all the building blocks you need to produce a quality Tech House track in your music software.

The course runs through setting up Loopcloud in the DAW then some of the basics when it comes to sample browsing, showing how to quickly and easily find relevant drum one-shots for making House. This is followed by a demonstration of how to take those one-shots and instantly sequence them into loops in the player, so they can be exported as custom-made samples into your music software.

After a guide to using multiple tracks in the player, which shows how different samples can be combined together to form comprehensive musical ideas, the included course session files for beats and melodies are opened up in Loopcloud, then fully explained, before loops are exported and laid out to form an 8-bar groove.

The course ends with an introduction to track arranging, showing very simple techniques for using the exported loops to build up the different sections like intro, breakdown and drop. Although the tutorials use Ableton Live, all techniques are very straightforward and easily transferable to any other music software.

Priced £9.95 GBP, the course is available from Loopmasters and Plugin Boutique.