RV Samplepacks’ latest electrifying release is designed for producers who thrive on pushing boundaries. The royalty free Techno Hysteria collection encapsulates the very essence of Techno music, providing everything you need to create tracks that resonate with energy.

Techno Hysteria includes powerful synth basses that lay down throbbing basslines, essential for driving your tracks with relentless energy. Crisp, high-definition hi-hats are perfect for adding clarity to your beats, while full drum loops offer you the opportunity to use instant ready-to-use rhythms, from minimalistic grooves to full-throttle beats. It also contains intricate top loops to add texture and dynamic movement.

Additionally, this sample pack features a range of effects, including glitches, risers, and transitions to help you create a sense of anticipation and excitement. For that quintessential Techno feel, the iconic techno rumbles deliver deep, earth-shaking sounds that define the soundscape of the genre. On the melodic front, prepare to be dazed by the hypnotic lead synthesizers, the spiraling arpeggiators, and the sharp synthesized stabs.

The sample pack is available to purchase at the Loopmasters store for £27.95 GBP.

More information: RV Samplepacks / Techno Hysteria