Tekky Synths sYnYx

Tekky Synths has released version 1.5f of sYnYx, a synth for creating fast and cutting thru melodic patterns, and version 1.0d of monophonic analog sequencer style bass synth AuToBaSsYx.

Changes in sYnYx v1.5f

  • Saving presets for Sequencer and Gater fixed.
  • Sequencer fixed (it plays tunes now).
  • Manual Draw Mode for Sequencer and Gater added.
  • Wav OSC (4 new saw types) added.
  • CLEAR preset for resetting patch added.
  • Big GUI adjustments.
  • Fine overall levels adjustments.
  • Tips and tricks page added on website.

Changes in AuToBaSsYx v1.0d

  • Sequencer timing fixed.
  • Gain knob added.
  • Saving presets and sequences fixed.
  • CLEAR preset for resetting patch added.
  • Fine GUI adjustments.
  • An extra bank file with a 100 psytrance ready presets included with the full version.

sYnYx and AuToBaSsYx are available as VST plug-ins for Windows PC. sYnYx is 15 EUR while AuToBaSsYx costs 20 EUR. Fully-functional (nagscreen) demo versions are available for download.

Visit Tekky Synths for more information.