Tekky Synths updates sYnYx to v1.5f and AuToBaSsYx to v1.0d

Tekky Synths sYnYx

Tekky Synths has released version 1.5f of sYnYx, a synth for creating fast and cutting thru melodic patterns, and version 1.0d of monophonic analog sequencer style bass synth AuToBaSsYx.

Changes in sYnYx v1.5f

  • Saving presets for Sequencer and Gater fixed.
  • Sequencer fixed (it plays tunes now).
  • Manual Draw Mode for Sequencer and Gater added.
  • Wav OSC (4 new saw types) added.
  • CLEAR preset for resetting patch added.
  • Big GUI adjustments.
  • Fine overall levels adjustments.
  • Tips and tricks page added on website.

Changes in AuToBaSsYx v1.0d

  • Sequencer timing fixed.
  • Gain knob added.
  • Saving presets and sequences fixed.
  • CLEAR preset for resetting patch added.
  • Fine GUI adjustments.
  • An extra bank file with a 100 psytrance ready presets included with the full version.

sYnYx and AuToBaSsYx are available as VST plug-ins for Windows PC. sYnYx is 15 EUR while AuToBaSsYx costs 20 EUR. Fully-functional (nagscreen) demo versions are available for download.

Visit Tekky Synths for more information.

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The demo setup changes windows system files – avoid it !!!!


I really hate when folks make statements and don’t give any supporting evidence of their claims.
He didn’t even state how he came too this conclusion. How can anyone address this issue with the developer without knowledge of what files
are being effected on your system?


No system files are changed.
Only synth data files like presets are unpacked by the installer and added with the Dll file.
These 2 files and the Dll are deleted during uninstall…