Teragon Audio Convolver 1.0 beta4

Teragon Audio has released Convolver v1.0 beta4.

Convolver is a realtime convolution plug-in (Windows/MacOSX) that loads impulse responses from file.

The plug-in has a built-in file browser, gain adjustment, and can do high/low-pass filtering, which are applied to the impulse response directly before convolution.

New in beta4

  • Enhancements
    • Double-click support added to file browser
    • Gain knob now goes up to 12.0dB
    • Bugfixes

    • Truncated filename bug fixed in browser
    • Knob animation fixed from b3 graphics
    • Fixed bug causing load/save window to not work under certain hosts

Check the Teragon Audio site for more information and a link to download the beta.