Terry West releases CS12M 1.60 PE


Terry West has released version 1.60 of CS12M, a master channel strip effect plug-in for Windows.

Terry West CS12M 1.60 PETerry West CS12M master channel strip

Changes in CS12M v1.60 PE

  • Bigger new GUI design + new faders (on request).
  • Lopass/hipass filters (selectable).
  • Unique EQ Linear Peak Analyzer leds.
  • Spectrum Analyzer.
  • Monoize (narrows low freq).
  • VU meter on/off switch.
  • Tooltips for quick help.
  • Bigger infopanel readout.
  • Fixed: Fader-range/animation.
  • Fixed: Accuration of VU meters.

CS12M 1.60 PE for Windows (VST) is currently only available on request. E-mail Terry to get a free signed version.

More information: Terry West

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This is pretty cool! I find most of Terry’s offerings very useful and good. If you email a request for this version… he will actually personalize a copy with your name on the GUI.

Make sure to include the name U want to use, otherwise he will use whatever name is in the email address.

Chad Kroeger
Chad Kroeger

“Make sure to include the name U want to use, otherwise HE will use whatever name is in the email address.”

By HE, you mean I?

Terry West
Terry West

Note: Specify your printed name you wish on the gui in the mail!
Also a special note: CS12M has updated today to v1.61 (Eq-Engine bug fixed), all subscribers will get a new version, this can takes some time though.
Regards, Terry.