Terry West releases MidiMix

Terry West MidiMix v0.5

Terry West has released MidiMix v0.5, a freeware MIDI controller VST instrument plugin.


  • 16 channel midi controller
  • Sends and receives Midicc commands
  • Hold, Bender, Modulation, Chorus, Volume and Pan controls
  • One user definable command
  • Reset buttons for pan and volume
  • Panic button
  • Automation

You can download the latest version of MidiMix below.

MidiMix v0.5 Download size: 1.05 MB

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nice to have good things for free for a change !


Hey Terry,

I’m using Cubase VST 5/32/Score, which is about 8 years old now, but supports most VSTs. After placing your MidiMix.dll in my VST share folder, it was not detected by Cubase.

I’m most interested trying out your project, so hopefully it’ll be working in the next version! (Unless of course I’ve installed it incorrectly.)


QUESTION: I want to link this midi controller to Ableton Live.

I want to be able to control and set min/max values for my LFO rate. How do I do this?


this is a very good soft mixer,it is a “real midi” inteface..you do need a good understanding of the C.C.s and a controler that will edit..and send,as ronnie put it …i gave it a high rateting ..i think if you dont really understand it ,its unfair to low ball…