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Real Music Media releases Vistalite drum set

Real Music Media Vistalite drum set

Real Music Media has released a sample set of a Vistalite drum set (5 piece Ludwig Vistalite Drum kit) plus a Wuhan gong.

The sample set features over 750 one shot percussion samples for only $7.50.

Vistalite drum set features

  • 24 bit/96 khz stereo wave files
  • 45 Crash cymbal samples including bell and shoulder articulations
  • 132 hihat samples with four levels of ‘openess’
  • 46 ride cymbal samples including bell, mid-cymbal, and shoulder articulations
  • 22 bass drum samples (nice big sounding samples with minimal dampening material used)
  • 210 snare drum samples organized into matching top mike and bottom mike sets
  • 216 tom-tom samples also organized into matching top mike and bottom mike sets
  • 21 snare rimshot samples
  • 27 snare sidestick samples
  • 36 gong samples, using traditional mallets, a triangle mallet, and a drum stick

A few random free samples can be downloaded here.

Visit Real Music Media for more information.

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