Terry West updates CompEQ-V to v1.54

Terry West CompEQ-V v1.54

Terry West has released version 1.54 of CompEQ-V, a freeware vocal compressor/equalizer plugin for Windows PC.

New in v1.54

  • Added automatic leveling between ratio/threshold.
  • Added automatic input limiter.
  • Added resonance to each band.
  • Fixed latency optimized.

Visit Terry West for more information.

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Terry West, plugs give you a pro sound! He, could easily be making them for commercial companies.

The CompEq-V 1.54 is a pro sounding compressor.For those of you that are using FL Studio and it’s sampler channels…insert this boy on your kick drum channels which will really make them pop and have better focus in the mix.
This plug will actually make them sound better. Also, use it to tame those basslines.It’s, good for more than just vocals!

I, wont be surprised if his plugs end up in CakeWalk products!