Terry West has released version 1.3 of VocRider, a free vocal level rider effect plug-in for Windows.

Terry West VocRider 1.3

Based on the Diy Vocalrider workflow from SOS but instead of 3 auxes it uses only one. Works with mono and stereo channels.

The sidechain detector has a special buildin EQ, the low frequencies of a bass sound are unlikely to mask a vocal as much as an electric guitar with lots of energy in the very 1‑5kHz range that’s most important to vocal intelligibility, which means that EQ’ing the Expander’s detector signal to reduce low frequencies and increase the 1‑5kHz range can help improve the subjective musicality of the automatic level‑riding.

Changes in VocRider v1.3

  • 2-bands EQ.
  • DeHarsh processor.
  • Auto In/sidechain detectors.
  • Stereo sidechain meters.

VocRider is available for download for Windows (VST).

More information: Terry West