ThaLoops Unamplified Chopz

ThaLoops has announced the release of Unamplified Chopz, a royalty free acoustic guitar sample collection.

Over 600 one-shot acoustic guitar samples, chops, riffs, licks and rich chords of a performance recorded by an academically trained guitarist. The best moments of various genre stylistics were captured into the one-shot wav chops, programmed into the presets for using with your favorite keyboard or sampler. Nylon and steel string guitars were used according to the genre performed, making “Unamplified Chopz” a huge library of raw acoustic guitar samples and an unbeatable source of inspiration.

Packed with examples of both traditional and experimental performance approach, this library gives users a true inspiration to sequence catchy guitar hooks. From classical pieces such as Beethoven’s “Für Elise”, Tarrega’s “Adelita”, to the soulful RnB guitar chord progressions, eerie modern guitar fills or a punchy pop song vibes giving user a pleasant choice between various moods unified in an acoustic guitar performance.

Unamplified Chopz is available for purchase for $23.95 USD.

More information: ThaLoops / Unamplified Chopz