blortblort ClutterFist

blortblort has launched ClutterFist, a collection of 101 presets for the Timeless 2 delay effect plugin by FabFilter.

As you might be able to tell from the title and the demos, these are unusual delay presets. Timeless 2 is a very unusual and powerful delay device! The only guideline I set for myself on this set was to produce presets that were slightly “kaleidoscopic” in nature: they change over time and behave differently from different inputs…

While I did NOT make heavy use of FabFilter’s AWESOME filters on this set, I did make EXTENSIVE use of the XLFO’s …including routing those to the input itself to get strange repeating and stuttering effects that behave outside the actual “delay timing” …makes for nice wonky ever changing effected sound.

As all presets should be- these were meant to provide you with a starting place for your OWN adjustments…and I do encourage you to make these presets your own…tweak them silly! I apologize for the naming on these but they really do not fit neatly into ‘descriptive characterization’ like “dotted 1/8 echo”, etc…

ClutterFist is available for purchase for $8 USD. Until March 31st, 2016, you can save 30% off by using coupon code CUnextWednesday at checkout.

More information: blortblort