The Alpine Project has recently launched its website, offering free instrument libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The Alpine Project came about from a realization about the state of free sample libraries. While there were many free samples in the public domain, there were hard to find, and in varying hard to use formats.

The Alpine Project collects the best public domain musical instrument samples, and combines them with clever scripting and effects in NI’s Kontakt. The result is great sounding free sample libraries that can find a place in the beginning and professional composer’s studio.

The Alpine Project libraries

  • French Horn — This French Horn Sample Library is based on samples from the University of Iowa Music Instrument Samples. It is very playable and simple to use. But most of all, it has a great sound. The dynamic range of the instrument is very large, due to the modeled dynamics.
  • English Horn — This English Horn Sample Library is based on samples from the free Eddie’s English Horn Soundfont.
  • Bass Clarinet — This Bass Clarinet library uses samples from the University of Iowa MIS.

The libraries are available for download for Kontakt 5 or higher (full version).

More information: The Alpine Project