The Cargo Cult has released version 1.5 of Slapper, a multi-tap surround delay effect for Windows and Mac.

Slapper and Slapper ST are now available in AU, VST and VST3 formats, in addition to the Mac/AAX platform supported by v1.0. They are fully compatible with previous versions, ensuring existing projects, presets and automation remain valid.

The Cargo Cult Slapper

The new version has been completely rebuilt to improve on both efficiency and fidelity, using double precision calculations throughout the audio processing path and optimising everything from the filters to the UI.

The already excellent ergonomics have been improved for both mouse and console users, simplifying keyboard modifier behaviours and adding carefully designed new console new layouts.

Slapper features

  • 8 fully independent, surround-pannable delay taps.
  • Beautiful, complex, realistic spaces, without murky reverb tails.
  • Object-oriented interface.
  • Crazy rhythmic possibilities.
  • Massive and expanding preset library.
  • Fruity Sound Design with Tape-Mode varispeeding.

Slapper and Slapper ST (stereo only version) are available for $299 USD and $99 USD, respectively, in a limited time flash sale.

More information: The Cargo Cult / Slapper