W.A. Production joins the festivities with up to 95% off on a selection of plugins in celebration of Plugin Boutique’s 9th birthday.

Save big off The King 2, Dodge Pro and the InstaChord and InstaScale Bundle for a limited time in our birthday sale!

On sale for just $5 USD, The King 2 is a dynamically enhanced multi-band compression plugin designed for mastering.

The InstaSeries Bundle comprises two MIDI processing plugins. InstaScale and InstaChord allow you to access the missing link in that perfect scale or brilliant chord progression. The bundle is $19.90 USD.

Now only $7 USD, Dodge Pro is a comprehensive multiband volume shaping effect that delivers sidechain ducking, rhythmic motifs, gated rhythms and special fx.

The offer is valid until March 7th, 2021.

More information: W.A. Production