The Loop Loft Multitrack Drums ReFill

The Loop Loft has announced the release of a new Multitrack Drums ReFill for Reason 6 by Propellerhead Software.

We’ve put the control and flexibility of multitrack drums at your fingertips inside of Reason. The Multitrack Drums ReFill, completely customized for Reason 6, includes two complete drum sessions; ‘Thick & Meaty’, and ‘Ringo Goes Indie’, along with corresponding Kong and Dr Octo Rex patches, providing the ability to easily program new grooves and fills on top of the existing multitracks.

Weighing in at a whopping 1.7 GB, this Multitrack Drum ReFill goes way beyond traditional drum loops, giving you the ability the mix each individual element of the kit by providing every instrument on a separate audio track. And with Reason’s superb time stretching capabilities, you can adjust the tempo of the complete multitrack session to fit any song.

Multitrack Drums ReFill is $29 USD. Until January 15th it is available at 35% off.

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More information: The Loop Loft