The Loop Loft Rock & Pop Weekend - 50% Off

The Loop Loft has announced a Rock & Pop Weekend, offering 50% off some of its sample libraries.

The Loop Loft is rockin’ a big sale this weekend, with all pop, rock and yes, dirty drum loops a whopping 50% off!

With a massive collection of grooves and fills in each downloadable pack, it’s like having a live, tattooed rock drummer at your fingertips…. except our loops won’t drink all of your beer or sleep with your girlfriend. We promise.

The Loop Loft Rock & Pop libraries

  • Dirty Drums – $7.50 — Looking for drum tracks that have a bit of dirt on them? Something different from the majority of highly polished, squeaky-clean sounding loops. Well, look no further. Dirty Drums Volume 1 contains a wide array of grooves and tempos that will bring an extra edge to any of your productions. Using various methods of bit crushing, re-amping, stompboxing and creative mic’ing techniques, these loops will add some extra “crunch” to your tracks while keeping the groove nice and solid.
  • Pop Drums – $12.50 — The Loop Loft has produced a set of drum loops specifically crafted for pop songwriting. Broken down into eight separate sessions (with six unique drum kits), Pop Drums Volume 1 covers a wide range of sonic textures and tempos, giving you ultimate flexibility for tracking and mixing. Each session contains a large variety of verse and chorus grooves along with drum fills to tie them all together. Listen to the example below for a small sampling of the 147 different loops contained inside of this highly versatile series!
  • Rock Steady – $14.50 — Finally, drum loops that ROCK just as much as they ROLL. Culled from nine separate recording sessions and countless hours of tracking, Rock Steady Vol 1 boasts the widest range of rock drum grooves available in any individual loop pack. With everything from bombastic Bonham-esque back beats, Bun E Carlos-inspired power pop, low-fi indie rock and blister-inducing grooves that would make Dave Grohl proud, this is the ultimate in rock drum loops.

The Rock & Pop Weekend Sale ends March 7, 2011 at 12:00 PM EST.

More information: The Loop Loft