The Lower Rhythm Earthworm

The Lower Rhythm has announced Earthworm, a bass synthesizer with all of the grease, fatness and power expected of an analog-style machine.

Features include two oscillators (five waveforms each), an extra fat LP filter and variable ‘tone,’ ‘tube’ drive and bit crushing. When the soft sounds of other bass synths just aren’t cutting it for your IDM, glitch, industrial, etc… Earthworm will provide the monophonic balls required right out of the box.

Earthworm features

  • Monophonic design.
  • Two oscillators with five waveforms each.
  • Extra Fat LP filter.
  • Variable ‘Tone,’ tube drive and bit crushing.

Earthworm is available to purchase as a VST instrument plugin for Windows for $12.99 USD.

Visit The Lower Rhythm for more information.