The Unfinished has announced availability of Zebra Arkhangel, a new soundset featuring 180 presets for the Zebra2 virtual wireless modular synthesizer instrument.

The Unfinished Zebra Arkhangel

Enter an off-kilter world dedicated to sounds that are unexpected and unpredictable. An enigmatic playground full of analogue abstraction, digital delight and organic oddness.

Arkhangel is inspired by the soundtracks of Cristobal Tapia de Veer, such as Humans, Utopia and National Treasure, Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross‘ work on The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and The Social Network; the Breaking Bad soundtrack by Dave Porter; as well other avant garde artists like Alex Somers, Scntfc and Boards of Canada.

Bleeps and bloops, glitchy pitch, perplexing instruments, analogue drift, crusty loops, sequences devoid of sense and textures born from unease; Zebra Arkhangel moves from unfathomable darkness to playful idiocy in the blink of an eye. All done with a glimmer of inscrutable strangeness.

Zebra Arkhangel is available for £24.99 GBP ex. VAT. The soundset also has a Dark Edition which takes the original 180 patches and gives them a darker, more analogue, more weird spin. This pack is £34.99 GBP ex. VAT (includes the original 180 patches).

More information: The Unfinished