ADSR Sounds has introduced Thenatan’s new audio plugin Tape, a multi-effect that is designed to bring that lofi cassette tape vibe to your sounds.

The newest member of our Plugins line is here, a perfect meticulously simulator of the most famous Cassettes and Cassette Players of All the Time. Take any beat, sound, or project, and instantly inject beautiful nostalgic flavor and endless vibes, from subtle analog fatness to Glitchy pitch flutters. Lush, fat, and crunchy, all your lo-fi needs within seconds.

Tape features

  • 6 different cassette types, each one delivering different sonic characteristics.
  • Real-life cassette hiss or low-fidelity hardware.
  • Built-in effects: Noise player, reverb, delay, glitch machine, bit crusher, saturation, stereo widener, dropouts.
  • Mix, input, output controls.
  • Can be used for video audio post productions as well as music productions & mixing purposes.
  • User-friendly vector, resizable GUI (up to 200%)
  • Animations and in/out VU meters
  • Preset browser system including 70 factory presets & shareable patches.

Tape for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, and AU) is priced $79.50 USD.

More information: Thenatan