STL Tones has released the June 2022 update to the AmpHub platform. Version 1.2.7 of the all encompassing guitar plugin suite features a new Eagle 53 amplifier model, which is a preamp and poweramp.

The preamp is based on an Engl™ 530, and the poweramp is a custom model based on the Engl™ Fireball™ poweramp with an additional Punch switch to control the lows. The preamp has 2 channels (clean/lead) with 2 modes each (lo/hi-gain), with 2 separate tone stacks. Both preamp and poweramp can be bypassed, so you can also use them individually.

Additionally, the update optimizes the load up time of the Eagle Fire 60 amplifier model. AmpHub is available for $10 USD/month, and new users can try AmpHub with a 10-day free trial plan.

More information: STL Tones