Theo Krueger Input Vinylator

Theo Krueger has released Input Vinylator, a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Input Vinylator is basically the effect version of the previously released Vinylator, which operates as an instrument instead (so it just outputs vinyl noise).

This plug-in applies a Vinyl like effect to the input and it has a lot of options for sculpting the sound you like. It applies the effect dynamicaly which means that depending on the input the noise changes as well. To really sweeten things, there is also the “Add Input” and “Add Crackle” options which add the original Input and Vinyl noises to the output audio, so there is a better balance between the dynamic and normal effects. It is also stereo now with the Psi-Stereo option.

Input Vinylator features

  • Master: Volume and a master filter.
  • Psi Stereo: Delays the right speaker of the noise by the Width slider time amount to create a psychoacoustic stereo effect.
  • Vinyl: Three sculpting options for the vinyl noise.
  • Crackle: The volume of the vinyl crackles.
  • Noise: The volume of the vinyl noise.
  • Filter station: Two filters to control the quality of the Crackles and Noise.
  • ADSR: The ADSR for Preview mode.
  • Volume: The volume of the Input source and the volume for the Crackles applied to the input.
  • ADD: This adds some of the original signal and crackles without any in between processes. It is the simply the output which the original Vinylator plug-in would have made on its own added to the new effect.
  • Filter type: State variable filter controlling the quality of the Input and Vinyl noise combination.

Listen to a demo mp3 of the Input Vinylator here, or download it here.