Pethu has released the Hahaha DS-01, a freeware drum synthesizer plug-in for Windows PC.

This is a very “retro” drum synthesizer with lots of character and opportunities for tweaking.
If it had ever existed in reality, it would have been released in 1983. ;)

Pethu Hahaha DS-01

Pethu Hahaha DS-01 retro drum synth

Hahaha DS-01 features

  • Noise generator, filter and oscillator for each of the 8 drum channels (hi-hat and cymbal channels have a ring modulator instead of oscillator).
  • Sounds: kick drum, snare drum, closed/open/pedalled hi-hats, 5 toms, and a crash cymbal (the “High tom” channel can be triggered with a different pitch by two different MIDI notes).
  • Pitch, brightness, decay and a parametric EQ for each channel.
  • Separate volume and stereo pan controls for each channel.
  • All controls can be automated using VST automation.

Hahaha DS-01 is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC. Some additional presets for Hahaha DS-01 are available as well.

Visit Pethu for more information.