THEPHONOLOOP has announced the release of Cassette Toy Piano, a new sample library featuring a collection of 5 instruments based on a children toy piano.

THEPHONOLOOP Cassette Toy Piano Kontakt

First of the five included instruments is of course just a raw toy piano recorded on a cassette, but the main aim for this collection was to create additional variations of the raw sound to embrace what’s good in it (with things like spring reverb, granular synthesis, etc.) without losing its original (and sometimes) creepy sound.

Every instrument contains 3 dynamic layers recorded on 2 different cassette decks (one with a more neutral sound and the other with a much more lofi and degraded sound). Overall there are 1112 samples – 111 samples per deck, plus 2 noise samples from each deck (1,71 GB of uncompressed 24-bit WAV files).

Cassette Toy Piano features

  • Available in multiple popular formats: Kontakt 5, Ableton Live 9, Logic, SFZ & Multiformat.
  • 1.71 GB of uncompressed 24-bit WAV samples (1112 samples in total).
  • Recorded on 2 different decks.
  • Simulated round-robin in Kontakt and SFZ versions.
  • 5 instruments.
  • 2 noise samples (each 2 minutes long).
  • 3 dynamic layers.
  • Organic sound with lots of little imperfections.

Cassette Toy Piano is available for purchase starting at 10 EUR from THEPHONOLOOP and distributor Plugin Boutique.