THEPHONOLOOP has updated its Cassette Mallets.01 library, which is now available for Kontakt 5, Ableton Live 9, Logic and SFZ.

Cassette Mallets.01 is a collection of 3 bell / mallet instruments recorded on a cassette with an old & wonky recorder.

Every instrument from this library is a mixture of physical modeling & fm synthesis with a range of E2 to E6 and 3 velocity layers which were designed from the ground-up for good playability range.

THEPHONOLOOP has also released Cassette Bundle.01, comprising Cassette Piano.02, Cassette Mallets.01 and Cassette Keys.01 in a value bundle.

If you already own any of those instruments and you’d like to complete your bundle just shoot us an e-mail or use the Contact Page, so we could create an adequate discount for you!

More information: THEPHONOLOOP