Time+Space is offering a 60% discount on the Zynaptiq Intensity plugin and an exclusive free Zero-G Elektrolytic sample pack worth £42 GBP with a purchase.

TimeSpace Zynaptiq Intensity

Zynaptiq’s award winning INTENSITY is probably the fastest way to get great sound with a plugin. INTENSITY’S unique algorithm carves out important signal features – making sounds sound more like themselves and is operated with essentially one control. Between the proprietary algorithm and an optional soft-knee saturating limiter in the plugin’s output stage, Intensity also excels at attaining maximum loudness and creating a beautifully aggressive tone.

The actual, real-world usage story goes pretty much exactly like this:

Insert plugin
Adjust INTENSITY amount
Enjoy the result.

In some cases, you may additionally:

Adjust BIAS Amount and/or Curve
Activate the saturation.
…that is literally it.

INTENSITY is equally suited for processing individual tracks like speech, SFX, instruments – including guitars, bass and piano – as well as full mixes, multi-channel film stems, drum busses, and other complex content. This makes INTENSITY an indispensable tool for music producers, mastering engineers, sound designers, video producers, broad/podcasters, forensics professionals, audiophiles, or virtually anyone to quickly and easily add clarity, definition, and perceived loudness to their audio projects.

Until October 31st, 2019, you can purchase Zynaptiq Intensity at a 60% discount and also receive the Zero-G Elektrolytic sample pack by Ian Boddy for free.

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