Time+Space has announced a limited time promotion on the Orchestral Bundle by Impact Soundworks, a sensational collection of five libraries that cover a wide range of orchestral instruments.

Inside you’ll find deep-sampled orchestral brass ensembles and soloists, a gorgeous Yamaha C7, a full-featured set of classic orchestral percussion and a go-to sketch pad of orchestral chords and playable instruments. Together these libraries offer a superb palette for cinematic and soundtrack productions.

The Orchestral Bundle includes:

  • Bravura Scoring Brass Complete (Normally £172).
  • Rhapsody Orchestral Percussion (Normally £172).
  • Rhapsody Orchestral Colours (Normally £85).
  • Pearl Concert Grand (Normally £103).
  • Furia Staccato Strings (Normally £25).

Designed for Kontakt 5.4 or above, the total product value of this bundle is £557 GBP but this weekend you can buy it for only £89.95 GBP. T+S customers with Loyalty Points can redeem their points to save even more.

The offer ends 9am (BST) Tuesday, July 13th, 2021.