Time+Space has partnered with composer Ondrej Pochyly for the Exeter Classical Music Event, a classical music performance with a very modern twist.

Time+Space Exeter Classical Music Event with Ondrej Pochyly

Devon-based composer Ondrej Pochyly will be breaking technological and musical ground this Saturday at the Exeter Classical Music Event with a special orchestral display that is set to have audiences captivated.

Following the loss of his mother to pancreatic cancer two years ago, Ondrej began working on ‘Requiem for the Lost’ an hour-long piece of classical music which relays the tragic story of a cancer victim and their family – from the diagnosis, through to treatment, re-diagnosis, death and the aftermath.

But what makes this different to any other orchestral composition is that the piece has been created entirely with music software and will be performed live with Ondrej controlling the tempo and dynamics of the virtual instruments with Nintendo Wii remotes.

UK soundware distributor, Time+Space, who are official partners of the event and will be exhibiting on the day, provided most of the virtual instruments and software for the Logic-based set-up which includes Cinesamples VOXOS Epic Virtual Choir, Audio Bro’s LA Scoring Strings and Vienna Symphonic Library’s Vienna Suite, Ensemble Pro and Vienna Brass.

Speaking about the event, Ondrej said, “I believe that this project shows that technology and art can work together on creating new and exciting performances. This is not meant to replace orchestras but rather compliment them and I hope the public will enjoy this act for what it is. An emotional piece of art.”

The Requiem is just one of a series of performances organised by Ondrej as part of the Exeter Classical Music Event which is funded by both the National Lottery Arts Council and Exeter City Council. In addition to live performances from a variety of orchestras and musical projects, the event will also see the launch of a competition that invites young composers between the ages of 16 and 25 to create their own composition. The winner, to be announced in January next year, will win £500 and will get the chance to work alongside Ondrej to have their piece produced with virtual instruments and performed at next year’s event.

The Exeter Classical Music Event takes place this Saturday 2nd July between 11:00am and 11:00pm in the courtyard of Exeter Castle. Entry is free but donations are gratefully received with a percentage of the proceeds going towards Marie Curie Cancer Care.

A video presentation about the set-up for the Requiem plus a full schedule of the day’s events can be found at www.timespace.com/events

More information: Time+Space